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Maeve Rose is an adorable magical fairy kitty who has shimmery silvery iridescent wings, accented by a matching silver flower, fluffy tail, embroidered face and whisker details. This 38cm take along friend has been crafted from premium, surface-washable plush, made for easy cleaning and features long, floppy limbs, embroidered details and safety eyes.  Maeve’s structured body allows her to lie flat or sit upright, the perfect addition to a child’s playroom or companion. Perfect for whimsical plush collectors and cat parents.

- Features iridescent wings, matching silver flower and fluffy tail
- Crafted from premium, surface-washable plush
- Floppy limbs, embroidered details and safety eyes
- Suitable for ages 1+
- Structured body to sit upright or lie flat
- Height approx: 38cm

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